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Opole, 7-11 IX, 2008

Opole, the town of songs and greenery, not only in June during a few days of Polish Songs Festival, but all the year around is a city full of life. This unusual, open city is a melting pot, in which a multicultural heritage, characteristic for this part of Silesia, still lively influences its unique character and atmosphere. Opole history was full of tribulations, but it still persists and develops to become an educational and cultural centre of the region. Numerous festivals and concerts organized here are attended by more and more demanding spectators, among them students are a significant part of the audience.

Nowadays, in Opole with less than 130 000 inhabitants, over 35 000 young people attends the university, making it an academia city, with two largest universities; University of Opole and Opole University of Technology. The significant effort of the all academic community and kind support of the city and region governments bring about the systematic rise of the number of scientific and cultural ventures organized in our city.

We hope that the 51th Polish Chemical Society and Polish Association of Chemical Engineers Congress organized between 7 and 11 September 2008 in Opole, will be another unusual event in the history of this remarkable town.

 Opole - city map